Fave Find Friday: Save the Date postcard

I could spend all day surfing etsy.
Check out these adorable, vintage custom Save the Date postcards in the
LilyGene shop.


Inspiration: Wedding Invites

This is the style of wedding invitation I really wanted but didn't want to buck tradition too much.
I wish I had.

And this is one of the best wedding invites ever... it really tells the couple's story. I found it on Pinterest last week, originally pinned by Madison McDaniel. As I was reading this, I could almost fill in mine and G's journey especially with our 6 months long-distance and moving all across the country.


Are they crazy?

I got this email today from J. Crew...

Who is doing their marketing? Seriously. It's mid- July. The last thing I want to think about is a cashmere sweater. In fact it just sounds suffocating to think about when it's 97 degrees outside.

Try back in the fall J.Crew.


Uploaded our wedding photos to facebook...

I have to multi-task. I just can't sit and watch sappy tv...

...so I'm finally getting around to uploading our wedding photos over a year later. We purchased the DVD to our photos to have access to all of them for our anniversary back in May so technically I've only procrastinated for 2 months. I've also wanted to keep them to myself but I know that we have friends out there who would like to see them also. It's nice to finally share our special day with those people!

When you have over 600 wedding photos, it is quite the task in uploading all of them, tagging everyone and writing captions. This is quite the chore!


Catching Up

Sorry, no fave find friday this past week and no new blogs. Life has been busy with vacation, work, house hunting and working out. I'm not good at sitting down at my computer after a long day of staring at my computer screen at work.
I'm actually taking some time tonight to finally upload our wedding photos to facebook. It's only taken me a year and two months. I'm sure our friends will be glad to finally see them!
I'm working on some blogs and I hope to get them out to you soon!!


Fave Find Friday: Baseball Tee

mlb.com (Braves Shop)

I love that women can actually look cute while supporting their favorite team these days. Trust me, it wasn't always like that. I still have big J-Shirts from my teenage years that make better night shirts than they do t-shirts.

Just added this Braves v-neck, vintage-style tee to my wish list!