Catching Up

Sorry, no fave find friday this past week and no new blogs. Life has been busy with vacation, work, house hunting and working out. I'm not good at sitting down at my computer after a long day of staring at my computer screen at work.
I'm actually taking some time tonight to finally upload our wedding photos to facebook. It's only taken me a year and two months. I'm sure our friends will be glad to finally see them!
I'm working on some blogs and I hope to get them out to you soon!!


  1. Ah, house hunting?! How is that going?! Hope all is well...remember to stop and smell the roses in between all the craziness! :) xo!

  2. Beginning stages but it's a great market to buy in. It doesn't make sense to rent. But who knows, we may just rent for another year or two.
    We were just exhausted after spending 2 days out in the heat looking at homes. Usually the A/C isn't on in them and it was brutal.


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