MK Monday: Why Mary Kay?

So for some of you that know me, you might be wondering why I decided to sell Mary Kay.
In Mary Kay, we call this our I-Story.
I decided to become an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay because I love the product! I mentioned this in my first MK post but didn't elaborate on why. First let me start with the fact that I had no intention of joining Mary Kay. I hadn't really thought about it because I have a full-time job and life is busy enough. I hosted a party for a friend so that she could work her way up the MK Ladder to become a director. As a hostess, I received a nice discount and purchased the Mary Kay Starter Kit for $50.00, which was already at a special rate of $75.00. I love a great deal so I couldn't pass up getting $400 worth of product for $50.00!
Initially, I planned on just using the product and giving the sales materials to my friend. When I got the kit, I was impressed by the bag and intrigues by the sales materials. Not at the potential of making money, sure that's a nice bonus; I was more intrigued by the challenge of doing something new and different.
At the same time, I get a discount on the products I love while servicing my friends and family. Now, you can have that opportunity also. The Starter Kit is on sale again (for the first time since October) for $75.00. This is your chance to get in on the fun and be apart of the MK Family.

Contact me if you're interested!


Wedding Inspiration: Yes, we served BBQ at our wedding...

... and loved it. So did my dad's wallet.

Being from NC, BBQ is kind of a big deal. And if prepared right, one of my favorites! (I'm a NO FAT in my BBQ, please and thank you, kind of girl).

This is my little plug for a local BBQ restaurant in Concord, NC, called R&R BBQ that serves it up the way I like it which is why I called them to do the catering for my wedding.

My husband's side of the family is either from the New England area or Ohio/PA so I thought serving BBQ might give them the southern experience they traveled hundreds of miles for. Well, I think we accomplished that goal with the white, southern plantation home as a backdrop for the ceremony, but the BBQ and Sweet Tea was the icing on the cake!

One of the best things about BBQ, other than the taste, is the ability to feed lots of people for a great price!

Another must-have at my wedding was serving North Carolina's own George's BBQ sauce with the BBQ sandwiches. R&R has their own sauce but I had to package up some George's days before the wedding in some cute ramekins.
My father's tearful speech led us right into the dinner portion of the evening so before he said, "let's eat"... he told everyone how I would bring back BBQ in a cooler to Arizona or Pennsylvania and have George's huge gallon size containers shipped as well. I'm a sentimental person so I'm glad I didn't think twice about serving BBQ at our wedding!

Has anyone else gone the BBQ route?


Mary Kay Monday: New Products

I'm getting back into blogging and even thinking of doing a giveaway next week so stay tuned.
For this Mary Kay Monday, I would like to introduce you to the NEW Spring products!!
From Left to Right: Limited Edition MK Eye Color ($20), Lip Lacquer w/ mini retractable lip brush in Chai Latte or Pink Pagoda ($16 ea), Nail Lacquer in Blue Lotus or Pink Bamboo ($9 ea)

I also can't wait to order these New Shades of Cream Eye Color ($14 ea).
Last but not least, everyone's all abuzz for the Finishing Spray to keep your make up in place all day long! This might make for a great bridesmaids gift! $18 a bottle
Now that you've seen the new products, I will provide the same offer to my readers as I did on facebook...
Do you need any make up or skin care products? If you're like me, you have that little list in the back of your mind. I know I do (eye primer & loose powder to name a few). COMMENT BELOW on what you have on YOUR LIST & I will send you a SPECIAL OFFER! No obligation to buy. If you'd like to try something first, l have samples.
I will be placing a Mary Kay order this week so please let me know if I can get you anything! These new products are a great place to start! I look forward to hearing from you all soon!!