Fave Find Friday: Outdoor Patio

Since it's Memorial Day weekend, I thought this outdoor dining set might get us in the mood for a cookout this weekend. I'm not really purchasing it, just dreaming. I don't even have my own home yet.

The Meridian Dining set is currently 40% off at Crate & Barrel.
Just in time for a backyard family cookout! I'm loving the yellow accents!


Spring Flowers

My stock pile of drafts is now empty that I worked on at the beginning of the month. And since I don't have much time this week to think of anything new to blog about...here's a picture of an arrangement my mom put together in her planter outside of our garage.


Inspiration: Aqua Dining Room

Never really thought a dining room should have aqua walls, it's definitely more of a bathroom color, but I like it in this dining room. Featured in this month's Family Circle, the designer used sand tones to create a soothing yet stunning dining space. I also love this chandelier which can be found at Home Depot.

Courtesy of Family Circle
While I love this dining room in aqua, I think I will actually be painting the bathroom this color. 


Fave Find Friday: Chi Hair Dryer

I think I'm going to be in the market for a new hair dryer soon. 
I would really love to spring for the Chi blow dryer this time.

It's really tempting with this deal at Ulta this week!


Recycle your wedding

Ruffled, a great wedding resource blog, recently launched Recycle Your Wedding. This is great for a newlywed like myself who still has things sitting around a year later from the wedding (unused candles, vases, and other decor). Instead you can list them on here to make $$ from current brides in need of affordable items for their wedding.

You can also list a used/unused wedding dress. Before the wedding I thought reselling my dress after the wedding would be easy. Now that I've worn it, the dress just has so much more meaning and I've really been thinking of keeping it. As every bride should, I loved my wedding dress! I'm not sure if I can part with it.

Any other newlyweds out there sold their dresses or have you kept it around for sentimental value? Anyone used Ruffled yet? Or found it beneficial when planning your wedding?


Fave Find Friday: Havana Clutch

Havana Clutch from J. Crew

Since blogger was down yesterday, here's a late Fave Find Friday.

Also available in black. I'm picturing this with a maxi dress down by the beach. What do you think?


A baby shower for Tornado Victims

My creative friend Callie at Wannabe Athlete came up with this amazing idea to create an online baby shower using Amazon.com to help those affected by the tornadoes in Alabama.

I was looking for a way to help that would make a direct impact. I know Red Cross does wonderful things but I wanted to do something more than a $10 text. I wanted my money to go directly to putting clothes on someone's back or feeding someone. The Blogger Baby Shower gave me the opportunity to do just that!

The Baby Shower has been up and running since Monday, and the support has been astonishing. Check out an update she wrote today regarding the support: Humbled. 
Oh, and there's also an incentive if you contribute by Friday! :)


Spring Handbag

From Lalunedesigns shop on etsy, click picture for more

I'm still searching for this year's spring/summer tote. I like to carry an inexpensive, cloth material, lightweight, over-the-shoulder handbag in the summer. I want something floral or beachy. I like something that I'm not going to care if it gets dirty.

Meet last year's Gap bag...
2010 Summer Gap Bag

Check out the stains at the bottom; I definitely got my money's worth. For being a simple bag I still managed to get lots of compliments on it.
Let me know if you have suggestions for me.


Happy Anniversary to us!

Along with being Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!), it's also our first anniversary!

I love you, honey!


Fave Find Friday

Welcome to Fave Find Friday, a new section I decided to add to the blog!
Inspired by the loads of email I get from all of my favorite stores such as JCrew, Sephora, Pottery Barn, etc). My email box is bombarded daily with temptations, calling my name to spend money. Luckily, the good Lord gave me self-control!

I thought if I blogged about them, and shared with you my sense of style, then the temptation might go away. Unless I really like it, of course! Typically, I will post a fashion item or beauty product... pretty much anything I find during the week that I want to share.

Without further ado, the first ever Fave Find is...

Denim Western Shirt from J. Crew
In true, southern fashion- every girl must have a button-up denim shirt. I have not owned one for quite some time and I'm glad they're making a comeback. As a child I  remember quite a few outfits throughout the years including denim shirts. I love the versatility of this one, being able to roll up the sleeves and even putting it with a dress/skirt.
I have been looking for one to put with a dress that I own. I actually didn't know the two would go together until I saw a bride on "Say Yes to the Dress" where my exact same dress and layered it up with a denim shirt and scarf. It looked super cute so I'm going this week to try it on :)

Any other southern girls out there with a denim shirt in their closet?


Inspiration: fresh flowers

I love having fresh flowers in the house and recently I have been plucking a few from the garden to livin' up the place! Check out this gerbera daisy on the nightstand...

Vase from Crate & Barrel

Kinda goes with my bouquet of daisies I held in my hands almost a year ago on my wedding day!


Spring Bridal Shower Inspiration

These are from my own bridal shower last year. While my mother, maid of honor and good friend planned the shower; I had a little bit of input when picking out the invitations, choosing the colors and flowers. I knew I wanted to use tulips, and I love violet and lime green together. I wanted to do something different than my wedding colors and to better fit a March bridal shower.

I created the below flowers with my grandmother which is a memory I will always cherish. We created three of these to sit around for decoration.

Tulips & Limes

Arrangement on the food table

These might be a great DIY arrangement for Mother's Day.
Lemons and gerbera daisies also look great together!


Francesca's Baby Bumps

I am at the age where it seems everyone around me is pregnant, or just had a baby. In fact, one of my best friends is pregnant, very pregnant actually-- she's due June 7th. I could not be more thrilled for them! I am just not ready for my own so this blog is inspired by all of the pregnant ladies around me. I have no intentions of getting pregnant for a while. When I do get pregnant someday (and no that's not a hint or anything), I would love to wear some outfits from Francesca's chic Baby Bumps line!

Any pregnant women or new moms out there have suggestions on chic maternity clothes they really love?