A Look Back at Our Halloween

It's rare that I ever get to sit down at my own computer. I stare at a computer screen most of the day and when I get home, I don't even walk into our "office" room. Nevertheless, my apologies for not posting about Halloween sooner.

I did manage to do a little decorating before Halloween. I'm not big into the spooky stuff but I do love fall decorations. The Saturday before we picked up two small pumpkins at a farmers market which I later used to adorn my bottom step. Then, I put my two Ikea lanterns to good use and filled them with different colored miniature pumpkins which also came from the farmers market.

The scarecrow people were a gift from one of my husband's aunts, so here they are hanging out in my Carolina Rocking Chair. It wasn't much but it was a little something to give our house a fall look.

I also picked up some pansies at Lowe's to go in my baskets on the front porch. The porch was seriously lacking in floral, since the mums I bought when we first moved in died after a month. Hopefully the Pansies will lost longer, at least they're supposed to. 

It was a nice little Halloween in the new house... luckily we had mobs of children to take all of that candy off my hands.

Even Cal was kind enough to leave the bunny ears on for a couple of minutes while I snapped some pictures. Okay, we really just distracted him with food. :)

Next up on the blog- Dining Room Reveal...

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