Sneak Peek!

I wanted to start previewing some of our wedding pics on the blog and decided this picture was a great place to start as it was sort of a sneak "peek" for us prior to the ceremony.

Our photographer, the amazing Rachel from Millie Holloman Photography, suggested the idea to me and I was all for it! My husband-to-be was hesitant and nervous that he would accidentally see me. I had to send messages through Rachel to convince him, and luckily he conceded. It was such a special moment and made for a beautiful picture. I could tell even without seeing him that he had some serious nerves and emotions going on. Holding hands for just a few moments while Rachel snapped some pictures eased off some of the nerves we had been having throughout the day. It was just one of those special moments we will remember forever!

This picture also provides a glimpse of my dress which I wasn't able to reveal (for obvious reasons) in my old blog prior to the wedding. More on the dress in my next blog!

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