More of our Wedding Details: the Groom's Cake

While we're waiting on those wedding pics, I thought I would share the Groom's Cake we had designed by the Chef at our rehearsal dinner location. We originally booked Soiree in Mooresville, NC when we were planning on having our wedding in the area. When we changed the location about 30 mins. away, we kept the Rehearsal Dinner location because we really loved the food and atmosphere. Unfortunately, the night before my wedding... I could have cared less about food and atmosphere. I could barely eat from all of the nerves... and I had to get back to the house to finish programs and other last minute details to really enjoy the atmosphere. I hope our guests enjoyed Soiree! One thing we did get to enjoy was the Groom's Cake...
UConn Huskies, New England Patriots & Hartford Whalers
If you'll remember my blog about Groom's Cakes from my former site Something Carolina Blue, I blogged about how I wasn't even sure about doing the Groom's cake or having it at the rehearsal dinner. Personally, I loved this idea and we had an amazing pastry chef who accomplished exactly what we were looking for. My husband having grown up in Connecticut (with New England sports teams) and also Columbus, Ohio (Buckeye country)  has quite a few teams he roots for depending on the season. I wanted a way to include all of them.
The chef took the logos we sent him via e-mail and transformed them into fondant. They even asked if we wanted to take them home with us afterwards. We declined but took pictures to remember it by.

Red Sox (the only team we can agree on) & Celtics

Ohio State Buckeyes
I still can't believe I allowed a cake with the Patriots logo on it.... oh the things we do for the ones we love!

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