One of many dreams...

...to own a farm one day. Like this one in Efland, NC featured in Southern Living Magazine. When I read the Pioneer Woman, I grow envious of her Oklahoma Ranch. While I don't think we could manage a ranch, a nice little farm would be nice at some point in our lives. I grew up in the country on lots of land and that is definitely something I would love for my children to experience.

You'll find out that I'm quite the dreamer. I used to have 7 different career goals... one of them may/may not have been to be a soap opera writer for GH. ;)

 Do you have any secret dreams like this?


  1. Oooo, what a great dream ! If I couldn't have a farm, I would have a greenhouse where I could grow my own vegetables all year long. I would also really love to open a cat sanctuary, or even a farm sanctuary to take in unwanted animals, where they could roam free and live to be old. :)

  2. I like it! I love manual labor type stuff and would love to learn to garden and farm - right now I just want a real house - I found one that I love, but I'm stuck in the townhome for a little longer....I want a decent yard for the doggies - I would love to run a rescue shelter for them too....one day when we grow up....LOL! :-)

  3. In fifth grade, I REALLY wanted to be an archeologist. :)


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