Pain in the Neck

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For just over a month now I have been having problems with my neck and back. I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder while drying my hair... I know, not the best story.

Kinda like the time I sprained my ankle while walking to the front of the classroom to turn in an exam my senior year of college. My ankle had fallen asleep, when I got up to take a step, it flipped over, took another step and voila!... back into place. The professor looked at me oddly like "what'd you do?" I had no idea. I didn't feel the pain right away but as I began walking out of the building, it began to throb with pain. Point of that story... I never do these things while actually doing something athletic like most people, and I used to be an athlete! But anways...Back to the muscle strain...

I nursed it back to health (or so I thought) but in the mean time the muscles around my neck began to hurt. It got to the point where it was uncomfortable to sit at the computer at work, and also to get comfortable at night to fall asleep. So a few weeks ago I decided I needed to see someone right away. Everyone was saying go to the chiropractor. I don't like chiropractors, don't believe in them and sure never thought I would have to go to one. Sure enough, there I sat four Tuesdays ago in a Chiropractor's office desperately seeking some answers and pain relief. The guy probably thought I was crazy because I was just very hesitant about everything and had lots of questions. He was actually very nice and I believe he's probably a very, good chiro; however, I did not go back. Not because of his work but because I just had this enormous uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. The next day I called a Physical Therapist and spoke with her about what she could do for me. I have been seeing her since. I love it! I get heat stimulation when I get there, then she works my neck and back muscles to loosen them up, then, I go through the exercises. The exercises are meant to help me now and in the future with my posture which is probably one of the causes of my "injury." At first my homework was doing these exercises twice a day but now I am down to once a day now that I'm at about 90%.

My goal was to be 100% before Hawaii and it looks like I'm going to get there! Another good thing, I should be done with PT next week!

So I told you all of that to explain why I haven't been blogging as much. It's just kind of hard to sit at a computer all day at work and then come home and do the same. But I look forward to blogging some more when I return from our trip.

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