2011 Planners

I love a good planner/calendar to keep me organized throughout the year. I can't function without one.

For a while I was using the Kate Spade planner.  It had everything I needed from monthly calendars in the front, weekly diary throughout and notepad pages in the back.

My Kate Spade collection 2007-2009

Then in 2010 "Kate" decided to leave out the weekly diary section which is my whole reason for needing a planner! Thanks "Kate" (heavy sarcasm). If you were to open the weekly diary section on any given week in one of my planners, you would see that it is filled with little reminders and to-do lists. I NEED this section. So I had to make a change. Very sad, because these planners are only $20-and are pretty much the only thing at the Kate Spade store that I can afford. (FYI-They still charge $20 without the weekly diary section; notepad pages replaced those).

After a lot of searching (just ask my husband), I found a great planner from papersource.com for $29.95. I love it! This planner has everything the Kate Spade had and more (even stickers in the back).  I may choose this one again if I can't find anything else. The only negative is that the cover didn't change for 2011 and the other color options aren't that great. Here's a link to the 2011 to check out the inside.

2011 calendars
This is also what my 2010 looks like.

So, I'm keeping my eye out for that perfect planner to get me through another year. I came across these day planners recently at Tiny Prints by Erin Condren.

I thought the below would be cute since I have a new last name this year that I'm still getting used to...

Taffy:Waterfall from $50 each.

... or this cute one that you can have your picture printed on the cover.

Zen Gems: Chocolate from $55 each.

I'll keep my eye out for some other ones since these are on the expensive end. I'll let you know what I find for 2011.

How do you stay organized? Let me know if you see something I might be interested in!


  1. Only my daughter would write about planners, because she is so organized. If you really like this planner tell me and add it to your christmas list. I think you should add your wedding picture to the front.

  2. I had the same problem! I always used Kate Spade planners, and then no week at a glance!!?? So in 2010, I ended up with 2 planners - Kate and Lilly Pulitzer. That's what I've ordered for 2011 - the Lilly Pulitzer. The size is the same at Kate's and it also has the cute factor. If you loved Kate, I think you'll love Lilly. :-) xoxo

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I looked at Lily last year but online so it was hard to get an idea of what it was like. Good to know that it's like the Kate Spade one.


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