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If you'll remember from my blog on an Etsy Christmas , one of my favorite items -the Burlap Seashell Shabby Christmas Wreath- came from a shop called tinkerscottage out of Topsail Island, NC. Go check out her shop because there are some really awesome shabby chic items for sale! I love the Family Name sign & the And They Lived Happily Ever After sign, which both make great wedding presents.
She has been gracious enough to donate one of her favorite items, the Pledge Allegiance Colonial Primitive Sign (also available in antique white).

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When she told me about this item and her passion for it, it reminded me of my drive home the other day. Something came across the radio about The Pledge of Allegiance and I thought to myself, do I even remember the words? So I tried to remember it in order but I was having trouble, kinda sad, huh? I mean this is something we had to recite everyday in grade school. I should be able to spit it right out without thinking.. I think this sign is a good reminder to display in your home or in a classroom (is that even still allowed?) For me it's a great reminder of our freedom, the flag, and it makes me want to give thanks to those who protect and serve our country whether at home or abroad.  

In order to enter the giveaway, I would like you to comment about how you (if given the opportunity) would work to create change or improve the current state of our country. Maybe it's something large scale like an idea to improve the economy or small scale like a hometown project to help the homeless. I want to know what your passionate about? You can keep your response simple like "education" or "a campaign to support our troops." I would love to hear your ideas! Please be respectful of all ideas and beliefs because that is what it truly means to be an American. Any comments discriminating others ideas will be removed and ineligible. Make sure that you do not leave an anonymous comment.

The Details:
A comment is worth 1 entry but I will double your chances if you also become a follower of my blog, or let me know you are already a follower. If you comment and re-post about the giveaway on your blog, it is worth 3 entries! Please share with your friends on facebook and twitter! If I see it, I will double your chances.

A winner will be chosen at random on Sunday night and will be announced on the blog!
I'm looking forward to seeing your comments! Good Luck!!


  1. Someone actually asked me this very same question a few weeks ago and it has been on my mind ever since. I would change the mentality of people in this country. We seem to lost the creativity, ambition, and willingness to roll up our sleeves to work hard for things in life. Personally I think it is our own greed that has created the problems we face today and it's our pride that keeps us from improving. If it were up to me I would create jobs for people that want to work, pay fair wages (no more CEOs making millions while the average American struggles to put food on the table), and instill values back into our schools. I don't care if religion is part of the schools or not, but morals build good character and we need more good people in this country! Unfortunately I think the good are starting to be out numbered by the greedy and lazy.



  2. I believe that to make our country better we need to put our faith back into the country. People just don't love America like they used to. You don't see as many flags flying with pride anymore. I truly believe that we need to remember what our founding fathers taught and fought so hard for. Freedom and faith. Faith, not just in God but in ourselves and the beautiful country that our soldiers are dying everyday to protect. We need people to say the Pledge of Allegience and understand word for word what it means and what it means to be free. I believe that if people stopped trying to push God out of everything our country, as a whole, would be better. God Bless America!


  3. I am really honored to have my sign considered and very proud as well. I wish everyone the best and I hope that in some way, my art can make a difference.


  4. Thanks for the comments ladies, I'm about to draw a winner!

  5. I would sat Education! I'm all for homeschooling!

    hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

  6. I agree with everyone here on some of the issues we need to address. I keep remembering how parents and communities were when I was growing up. If I got in trouble at school, I got spanked at home. If a neighbor complained about something I did in their presence, If my parents thought they were right to complain, I was punished. It's been said" It takes a tribe to raise a child".. I think it is time we went back to teaching our children the basics and stop expecting the schools to teach them everything. If we don't start teaching our children and grandchildren what's right and wrong, we will not have a leadership who knows right from wrong in the future.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. i think we need to start making it to where we can actually take pride in our country. fight for the right reasons and die for the right reasons. i think that we need to start focusing more on job and our future generations. we need to start worrying about our environment. in half the cities i've been to theres hardly any trees except in select parts.
    i think its also important to start learning other cultures...instead of expecting ALL of them to learn ours and us not even try and understand them.



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