My Hawaiian Christmas Ornaments

While in Hawaii I bought a lot of souvenirs including: playing cards, a magnet, postcards and a 2011 calendar to adorn my cubicle at work. I couldn't help it! I've always been in love with all things Hawaii without ever having gone. My room in college was decorated Hawaiian with a Pottery Barn quilt to boot.
So when I saw these Christmas ornaments on sale at Macy's in Lihue, I  couldn't resist!

I love my Island Santa

In  2007 we began collecting an ornament for the tree to represent each year we've been together. I 'm so excited about our 2010 ornament below!

gotta have a surfboard ornament

Flip Flops or "Slippers" in Hawaii

Mele Kalikimaka!  
(Merry Christmas in Hawaiian)

Are there any special Christmas ornaments you have hanging on your tree this year?


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