My Carolina Grocery List - Part 2

It's great being back in NC and being able to shop at my local Harris Teeter store!
Here are a few more of my favorite foods I'm enjoying since being back home. Check out Part 1 if you missed my post back in January.

Five Alive is really not a Southern product, it actually originated in Canada but for some reason it's always been successful in the southeast. It is bottled by Coca-Cola (headquartered in Atlanta) which might be why it can be found in the southeast. I was able to find it in the canned version around the country at Wal-mart but it's not quite the same. I first remember seeing Five Alive in my grandparents vintage green refrigerator and can recall my granddaddy pouring a glass for me. Not long after our family also started drinking it as our "orange juice" every morning. Quite honestly, now that I've become a lot more health conscious... Five Alive isn't that good for you. Five Alive is a tasty blend of citrus flavors, and is smooth unlike orange juice but it's not real fruit. You can't get a full serving of fruit by drinking a glass like you can Tropicana orange juice; nonethless, it is delicious! And in true southern fashion -- what tastes good isn't always good for you.

Five Alive

Two words: Merita Bread. Need I say more fellow southerners? Can you find a softer, fresher, better tasting white bread than this one? Again, white bread isn't the best thing for you but in my opinion, this is the best! They also make a good wheat bread. Since I've been away and couldn't get my hands on Merita,  I actually converted to Sara Lee whole grain white. For me I am still able to get the fiber but the taste of white bread. I also eat more wheat bread now though. For the most part I don't eat white breads anymore and have moved on to whole grains/wheat.

Mertia Bread

Carolina Treet is one of those items I used to bring back with me after a trip home. I'm glad I don't have to go far to get this great marinade. I have always used this on grilled chicken as a marinade. My husband has become a fan also. Even though it says BBQ sauce, don't expect a sweet bbq sauce. It's a tangy kind of sauce that gives the chicken a little kick but not spicy.

Carolina Treet

Do you have any of these in your kitchen? Any more southern favorites out there?

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