My Carolina Grocery List

So I initially started writing this post in early December when I was only planning on coming home for Christmas vacation and returning to PA. When circumstances changed those plans, and we decided to make our trip home a permanent one, I no longer had to worry about stocking up on the items I can't get anywhere else but the South (and in some cases North Carolina). Nevertheless, I wanted to share a few of my favorites Southern goodies...

Duke's Mayonnaise
originated in Greenville, SC

I've gotta have Duke's for tuna melt's and my home-grown tomato sandwiches in the summer. I'm not a big mayo user but I can't use anything else.

George's BBQ Sauce
originated in Nashville, NC
I can't eat BBQ without George's. We had catered BBQ sandwiches at our wedding and I provided the George's!

Texas Pete Honey Mustard
courtesy of Winston-Salem, NC
Goes perfect with turkey wraps or chicken tenders! While it does carry the Texas Pete name, it's not spicy. You can usually find Texas Pete hot sauce in the stores; however, their other sauces are difficult to find outside of NC.

Sun Drop Lemon Lime
Cherry Lemon Sun Drop

Last but not least, Sun Drop. The NC based soda was purchased by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group and will go nationwide in 2011. Sun Drop has always been a favorite, I can't go too long without craving the regular Lemon-Lime or a Cherry Lemon Sun Drop. When I first moved away to Oklahoma back in 2006, my grandmother drove up to the Sun Drop plant, purchased and shipped me 12 cases of Cherry Lemon.

Look for more Southern Favorites in 2011!


  1. My dad refuses to use anything but Duke's, so that's all we ever use at our house!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmm...that Sun Drop sounds de-lish! I need to hunt it down!

    m ^..^

  3. Cherry Lemon Sun Drop is the best!! Though recently I've been craving another Southern soda...Cherrwine

    I've had my mom ship quite a few of these items to me when I lived in Florida and now here in KY.


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