More of our Wedding Details : The Dessert Table

Since my Rehearsal Dinner Groom's Cake blog is one of my most popular, I thought I would share with you our Dessert Table at the wedding.
Initially I thought about having a traditional wedding cake, and then I saw how expensive they were. And of all the fancy looking wedding cakes I had ever tasted, the delicious cakes I grew up on.  I wanted my wedding cake to be delicious, not just pretty. I knew just the person to ask. My Aunt Betty is the go-to person for baking cakes in the family whether it be for birthdays or holidays.
She's an extrordinary baker and I wanted to feature her best work. I decided to have a dessert table to include all of her southern classics that we love so much.

I wanted all of her best desserts including my absolute favorite: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting. The ones on the top two rungs have regular cream cheese frosting and the bottom rung have crushed pecans mixed in.

Red Velvet Cupcakes w/ Cream Cheese frosting.
Some had crushed pecans in the cream cheese.
Another southern favorite: poundcake. This one is covered in her homemade chocolate frosting.
Yum... Homemade Traditional Poundcake w/ chocolate icing!
Carrot Cake cupcakes in Gingham cupcake wrappers from Bake it Pretty!

These are also my favorites, it's so hard to choose just one favorite...

Vanilla & Chocolate Cupcakes with festive decorations
We also incorporated some of the traditions and favorites from my husband's side of the family with a Kransakaka cake (a Norwegian tradition) and Buckeyes since he spent his middle and high school years growing up in Columbus, Ohio.

K-Cake made courtesy of the groom's aunt & The Buckeyes made by the groom's brother 
There were also cookies and candy on the table. Our dessert table was definitely a group effort to pull it all together. It was one of my favorite things about our special day!

For more on my aunt's cakes, check out her blog: Betty Bakes

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