Dining Room Table Reveal

**I promised this blog back in the fall but as you know, I've been a bad blogger since becoming a homeowner.**

My husband and I already came into the home with enough furniture but we needed a real dining room table. When we first moved in together in Arizona, we bought a pub table from Ikea. It was a great purchase and served it's purpose in our apartment(s). It was time for a change and something that would properly fill the space.

scoured the internet for just the right table. I knew exactly what I wanted after seeing our house when it was decorated as a model home.
I searched all around but kept coming back to this table. So I took my husband and family with me to look at this same table. Everyone fell in love with it which made me like it even more.
What do you think?

This is a picture from when it was decorated by a professional. The light fixture has changed since this photo was taken and I don't have anything hanging on the walls just yet.
I'm still working on finding the right buy on table settings. I promise to take a photo when I do.

We also purchased the side board to match the table because we needed the actual storage. Sometimes it feels a bit crowded but it made a nice dessert serving table at Thanksgiving shown below.
Like I said, nothing on the walls.
What do you think??

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