DSLR Camera Bags

Meet my new DSLR Nikon 3100 Camera.

I got it for Christmas but haven't had a chance to take too many pictures with it yet. One of the first things on my list to do after receiving it was to buy the proper bag for it.
All of the ones at the store were too "man-ly." I wanted something "girly" so I searched "camera bags for women." Thank goodness for google. I learned that such a thing does exist and there's a huge market out there of stylish camera bags.

I couldn't believe there were camera bags meant to look like purses. What an amazing idea!
We're going to be traveling to Boston this year and I kept that in mind when searching for a bag. Something that wouldn't look like a typical camera bag, and also easy to travel with.
I first came across Jill-E and immediately fell in love with this bag. I thought it would be perfect  if my husband had to hold it for a few minutes. The material is weather-resistant; love the messenger style bag look; and a great price. Click on the picture to see what I'm talking about.

Jill-E Sailcloth Family Electronic Bag

Then I fell in love with the Lola Red bag from Epiphanie. Not so much the price but I was in love with it so price didn't matter. Then I found out they are sold out until April (it's now April but I started typing this blog in January). Once the idea occured to me that essentially this is just your basic camera organizer inside of a nice leather purse. I decided to look on Amazon for an insert.

Photo courtesy of http://greenvintagephotographyblog.com/

That's where I found the Clik Elite CE510RE Capsule in Red (which looks orange).

This was a great idea because at home I can just keep the camera on the shelf in this little capsule and when we travel I bought a large purse to carry it in. I found this cute summer bag at Marshall's back in January!

Anyone else have a stylish camera bag out there?

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