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One thing I love in life is decorating. Or at least looking at magazines and feeling inspired to decorate. So when Southern Living Magazine featured the above "blooming filigree mural" from Anthropologie in the February issue, I went to their website to check it out.
Here are some of my other favorites that I thought I would share. 

*I heart the bud vases, they are adorable and affordable!
*How festive is that shower curtain? That would cheer me up every morning! Urban Outfitters also has a ruffled shower curtain like this also but in solid colors. 
*Anthropologie is currently sold out of the letters except for "I." So disappointing. I'm guessing they will get more in or some variation of them in the future.
*I actually have knobs like these hooks on an antique dresser my mother found at a yard sale. We painted it white and picked out green and pink flower knobs. It is one of the few things I can actually afford in the store. I love their hardware section.

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