Some budget-friendly beauty favorites!

Anyone else tired of making sacrifices because of this economy? Luckily, some of these little cutbacks have actually been successful for me!

I've never been much of a drugstore kind of buyer when it comes to beauty products. I get my shampoo from salons and facial cleansers and make-up from department stores.

Recently I decided to try a few items to save money and absolutely fell in love with both of these...

Before leaving for Hawaii in October, I picked up this little bottle of Neutrogena Acne Stress Control daily scrub; I have been using it ever since!

Usually I pick this up at Target for $6.99

Yes, I still breakout in my late 20's and it's usually stress or environmentally related. This is a great little formula to help prevent breakouts and quickly get rid of any breakouts if they do occur. The small bottle is great to travel with (this particular size lasted me about 2 months). It received Allure Magazine's Editor's Choice Award in 2007. I kinda wish I had discovered this before now because I had been using Clinique products for almost $20 a bottle and I was still having breakouts.

(I really should get paid for writing this stuff but I don't).

Another great find was the L'Oreal Ever Pure Shampoo. I use the Color Care System because I highlight my hair and the Moisture Shampoo because my hair gets really dry in the cold, winter air. You probably noticed my bottle of Aveda Shampure right next to it. I always have a bottle of this lying around. While Aveda is expensive, Shampure is only $9 a bottle and worth every penny. I love the Shampure because it truly makes your hair feel clean and well, pure. I like to alternate with shampoos so I use both throughout the week.

L'Oreal Ever Pure $6.99 at Target and can
currently be found with a travel-size attached

Has anyone else made successful changes to their beauty products to help keep money in the wallet?

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