Well, hello 2011! I certainly hope you live up to expectations!
As I say goodbye to 2010, I'm reminded that every year has it's ups and downs... it's how we choose to handle those that truly define us. During the downs, I rely on my faith in God and His strength to get me through. The sun will come up tomorrow and I believe you just have to handle things one day at a time. During the ups, I try to enjoy every moment and give thanks for what God has provided. This year I have so much to be thankful for as I married a wonderful, loving man and we were able to take two honeymoons, one of which was my ultimate vacation desitination in Kauai, HI. I just hope we have more ups than downs in 2011.

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Now I'm going to change gears to resolutions. While I never set actual resolutions there are things I hope to work on in the New Year. Like I said in my previous post, I hope to be more eco-friendly in 2011. I think I might write an entirely seperate blog on this one in the future. I also hope to grow closer to God and since I'm finally settling back in NC... I hope to find a church to call home. This is more of a short-term goal, but I need to get rid of the weight I gained during the Holidays. Say no to cookies! But more long term, I hope to exercise on a regular basis. It's so hard for me to stay motivated. Grr!
I have more goals but I'll stop there, we could be here all night. Personally, I'd rather go watch some bowl games. Hope everyone has a wonderful, exciting and blessed 2011!

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