Fave Find Friday

Welcome to Fave Find Friday, a new section I decided to add to the blog!
Inspired by the loads of email I get from all of my favorite stores such as JCrew, Sephora, Pottery Barn, etc). My email box is bombarded daily with temptations, calling my name to spend money. Luckily, the good Lord gave me self-control!

I thought if I blogged about them, and shared with you my sense of style, then the temptation might go away. Unless I really like it, of course! Typically, I will post a fashion item or beauty product... pretty much anything I find during the week that I want to share.

Without further ado, the first ever Fave Find is...

Denim Western Shirt from J. Crew
In true, southern fashion- every girl must have a button-up denim shirt. I have not owned one for quite some time and I'm glad they're making a comeback. As a child I  remember quite a few outfits throughout the years including denim shirts. I love the versatility of this one, being able to roll up the sleeves and even putting it with a dress/skirt.
I have been looking for one to put with a dress that I own. I actually didn't know the two would go together until I saw a bride on "Say Yes to the Dress" where my exact same dress and layered it up with a denim shirt and scarf. It looked super cute so I'm going this week to try it on :)

Any other southern girls out there with a denim shirt in their closet?

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