Recycle your wedding

Ruffled, a great wedding resource blog, recently launched Recycle Your Wedding. This is great for a newlywed like myself who still has things sitting around a year later from the wedding (unused candles, vases, and other decor). Instead you can list them on here to make $$ from current brides in need of affordable items for their wedding.

You can also list a used/unused wedding dress. Before the wedding I thought reselling my dress after the wedding would be easy. Now that I've worn it, the dress just has so much more meaning and I've really been thinking of keeping it. As every bride should, I loved my wedding dress! I'm not sure if I can part with it.

Any other newlyweds out there sold their dresses or have you kept it around for sentimental value? Anyone used Ruffled yet? Or found it beneficial when planning your wedding?

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