Spring Handbag

From Lalunedesigns shop on etsy, click picture for more

I'm still searching for this year's spring/summer tote. I like to carry an inexpensive, cloth material, lightweight, over-the-shoulder handbag in the summer. I want something floral or beachy. I like something that I'm not going to care if it gets dirty.

Meet last year's Gap bag...
2010 Summer Gap Bag

Check out the stains at the bottom; I definitely got my money's worth. For being a simple bag I still managed to get lots of compliments on it.
Let me know if you have suggestions for me.

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  1. What about the LL Bean Tote Bag? You can customize it and monogram it! Or the mini-tote by Vineyard Vines. That's what I carry every summer. xoxo


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