Fall Decorating

Before I start decorating for Christmas on Friday, I thought I would share my fall decorations with you first.
My first project back in September was to create this Jute Wrapped Monogram "Wreath" which was long overdue on the DIY Pinterest list. I got the inspiration from Chelsea who writes the Two Twenty One Blog. My felt roses don't look quite as good as hers but after a while I just wanted to be done with. I may fix them in the future but for now, they work! 
my DIY pinterest board
Back in the summer I bought two old soda crates from a work acquaintance who is an antique dealer on the side, and I found some use for this one which has shelves. My mom gave me all of these gourds and pumpkins that she bought but couldn't use. So I put the two great finds together for this fall ensemble.


It's like fall literally threw up on my sideboard but I love it! I just wish I had more shelves in my house to spread this stuff out on so that it's not all crammed in one place.

I went a little crazy printing out beautiful phrases and bible verses I gathered on Pinterest. You can find these on my Pinterest Board called Printables & Downloads.

Here's another one I placed on the counter top for a nice reminder...

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