Goodbye Summer

Living in the north I have realized that summer really does end after Labor Day. (Goodbye white pants). Temperatures dropped significantly this weekend giving us a preview of fall. In the South we usually don't cool off until October. Where my family lives in NC, it finally dropped from the 90s down to the 80s this weekend, and as you can imagine that was quite the relief from the dog days of summer. As a lover of warm weather, I still struggle with the cooler temps of the north but it is nice to truly experience the seasons (i.e. lots of beautiful colored leaves in the fall decorating the trees, multiple feet during snowfalls and a good chance of a white Christmas, beautiful flowers blooming throughout spring and summer.)

So as we say goodbye to summer, here are a few of my favorite things that came out of this Summer 2010:

My favorite refreshing treat:
McDonald's Smoothies! My favorite- the Wild Berry Smoothie.

The resurgence of my favorite baseball team: The Atlanta Braves:

Currently holding on to first place in the NL East

and last but not least...winning an affordable honeymoon to Hawaii on an auction site:

Can't wait, less than 2 months away!

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