The Last Song

Okay, I'm finally going to get around to reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Being from NC it's pretty standard to own every one of his books, at least in my family it is. Last year I purchased it the week it came out just like I do every fall when Sparks releases a book. I usually begin reading right away. Well, I attempted... got through the first chapter and stopped. I just couldn't get interested. I think it was because it was based on teenage love and I kept picturing Miley Cyrus since I knew she was going to be in the movie. I hadn't read about teenage love since reading a Walk to Remember and The Notebook but at that time, I wasn't so far removed from being a teenager myself.

So, I'm going to give it another try because I hear it's not so bad. It will also be the first time that I watch one of the movies before I read the book. I currently have it rented on netflix. Maybe this will help me get into the book a little more.

Next up on my reading list: Safe Haven (Nicholas Sparks) & Heart of the Matter (Emily Giffen)

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