"Why I nev-ahhhh!"

My grandmother sent me the September issue of Southern Living Magazine last week and I had the chance to sit down and read it on Sunday. You're probably wondering why I have my grandmother send magazines to me. For one, my grandmother subscribes to a slew of magazines that she will then pass along to me. If I haven't made a trip home in a while she will just send them in the mail. Second, she knows I like reading the Southern Living's specific to the Carolina region. Each region has a special section devoted to it and the advertisements tend to be more directed towards that region also. Naturally, I love to see what's featured from the area I grew up in.

Moving along...at the very end of the magazine was a commentary article by Amy Bickers on how Hollywood portrays us Southern folk. Let me stop there and say that I haven't read the last page of any magazine since Rick Reilly left Sports Illustrated. But on this particular occassion, I had some time on my hands due to a muscle strain I experienced on Saturday, keeping me lounging around in my PJs all day. Plus, when she said "it's really not all moonlight and magnolias down here," I was hooked!

Take a moment to read the article and let me know what you think! 

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